Welcome to the web site of DAISY Forum of India. DAISY Forum of India is a forum of Not for Profit organizations from India who are involved in production of books and reading materials in accessible formats for persons who cannot read normal print. 

The DAISY forum of India envisions a world where people with print disabilities have equal access to information and knowledge without delay or additional expense in their own language.

Print is not the only way to access books and other reading materials. These can also be provided as talking books, Braille Books, Large Print Books or E-text books. DAISY Standards show us how we can produce all these formats from a single source document. Thus DAISY is the best way to publish.

DAISY Books provide rich reading experience with excellent navigation facility, excellent quality and retains print book structure such as pages, sections, footnotes, Etc. Thus DAISY is also the best way to read.

For persons who cannot read normal print:

Member organizations of the DAISY Forum of India produce and maintain library of Digital Talking Books, Braille Books or e-text books. Book produced anywhere in the country in any of your preferred format can reach you anywhere in the country through any of our member Organization situated nearest to you. To borrow books from the library, check out the list of member organizations of DAISY Forum of India. To know if any book exists in Braille, DAISY book or e-text format, you could check out the  Combined Catalogue of DFI Member Organisations.

If you are a not for profit organization, University or an institution:

If you wish to produce or provide books in Braille, Digital Audio, Large Print or in Accessible e-text format to persons who cannot read normal print, then please join the DAISY Forum of India. We would like to work with you to bring books from all over the country to your members.